If you look at your photos and think, “These don’t look like the ones I see from the pros,” then you’ve got a little work to do.

But don’t think that creating photos that look less like an amateur and more like a professional took them is something that you can’t do.

Though practice certainly helps, there’s some actionable steps you can take to make more professional-looking photos.

Here’s how…

Zoom In and Fill the Frame

Filling the frame with the subject does a number of things for your photos.

First, it helps minimize distractions in the background that might cause the viewer to lose sight of or interest in the primary subject.

Second, filling the frame is an effective compositional trick for making a more intimate portrait. This works for all kinds of photos, but especially for portraits as it gives the viewer a more detailed view of the model’s face, as seen above.

Lastly, filling the frame ensures that the photo has a single, strong subject.

If you look at a professional’s photos, there is no mistaking what the primary subject is. But look at some amateur photos, and you might be searching around the shot to identify which of many subjects is supposed to be the center of attention.

Don’t be afraid to get in close to your subject – it can create a much more compelling and Cretive photo

Learn How to Post-Process

Improving the quality of your photos doesn’t just pertain to composition tricks like the one above.

Instead, you also need to step up your game in the post-processing department.

I know programs like Photoshop and Lightroom can be scary at first, simply because there’s so many different tools and options at your disposal.

But there are tons of post-processing tutorials you can read and probably tens of thousands of videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn a little something as well, like the one below from Photoshop Cafe

The key with improving your post-processing skills is to drill down to specific skills you want to learn.

Instead of trying to learn everything at once, start with the basics, like using layers, and then work your way into more advanced topics like making selections.

The point is that if you can break the learning process down into numerous smaller chunks, you’ll be able to more quickly master the skills you need to process images like the pros.

Get Your Photos Professionally Printed

A final trick you can use to get more professional-looking portraits is to have your photos professionally printed.

And I don’t mean ordering 5×7 prints on fancy photo paper, either.

To really set your image apart and give it some drama, consider another substrate, like acrylic, as the vehicle for presenting your photos.

Artbeat Studios has perfected the art of printing on acrylic to give your photos an ultra-dramatic look.

The image is first printed on high-resolution archival Epson metallic photo paper. The print is then mounted onto a clear acrylic sheet for a gorgeously detailed print with beautiful contrast and vibrance.

These HD Acrylic Prints have diamond-polished edges to give the print a stunning finish that catches the light and adds a little bling to the print.

That sounds better than a regular old print on photo paper, right

Better still, Artbeat Studios offers tons of options to customize the print, including different hardware mounts and hanging options.

You can order an acrylic print as small as an 8×10 and as large as 48×96, with custom sizing options also available.

There’s even different styles of HD Acrylic Prints to choose from, including HD Acrylic Slims that are just 1/8-inches thick and HD Acrylic 360 prints which ensconces your image in acrylic in front and in back.

In other words, HD Acrylic Prints not only give you tons of customization options, but they also complete the process of creating more professional photos.

What better way to cap off a gorgeous shot than with a museum-quality print?!


This tips give you how to make frame or how to make your edit with professional way.when you take photo with your camera you must have to think and make frame with good way and you have to make your edit with colour and frame .so that will look very professional and attractive.