How to edit photos with ImgPro photo editor


If you want to use one or more of our filters, you just need after uploading your photo to click on button called filter. By clicking on it, it will open new options menu that will allow you to change filters on your photo by clicking on selected filter button.

Filter options: Grayscale, Black&White, Sharpen, Invert, Vintage, Polaroid, Kodachrome, Technicolor, Brownie, Sepia, Remove Color, Brightness, Gamma, Noise, Pixelate, Blur, Emboss, Blend Color.

Some filters allow you to edit them additionally. Those are: Remove Color, Brightness, Gamma, Noise, Pixelate, Blur, Emboss, Blend Color.


You can adjust size of your photo by clicking on Resize icon. Simply input width and height.
There is an option to maintain aspect ratio or you can uncheck it and use whatever size you want.

Option "use percentages" is used for resizing your photo by percentage.


It's easy to crop picture. Simply click on crop icon and use your cursor to select which area you want to keep. After you selected wanted area click on the check mark (✓) to crop photo.


By clicking on transform button you will be able to rotate your photo and mirror it horizontally or vertically.


If you pick draw option you will be able to draw on your photos. Choose from our various brush colors, brush type and brush size.


Add text to your photos. Choose text color and font. You can change size of your text.


Add circle, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, arrow, line, star, polygon, badge to your photos.


Use one of our stickers. We have emoticons, doodles, landmarks, stars, clouds, bubbles, transportation, beach.


Simply add frame to photo. Choose one of our already made frames and adjust size of it.


Cut corners of photo. Simply click on "corners" icon and adjust radius.


Add background to photos. Choose color or type in hex.


Combine two photos.

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